WTF is ‘The Paleo Solution, Japan’?‏

It’s a blog. About solving (problems). Using the paleo diet. While in Japan. IDIOT.

Actually, I probably shouldn’t be scolding anyone for asking the first question I asked when looking at that name (especially since I wrote it). Point taken.

If you are living in Japan and trying to eat and live healthy, my efforts are for you. Japanese supermarkets and restaurants, friends, parties and convenience stores, unique alcohols and foods leave many with questions, and these are the questions I intend to devote most of my time to. I’ve been here a little while and have enough experience to feel like maybe some of that can help some people along.

Admittedly, I myself am somewhat… uncertain… about the worth of this blog. A blog aimed at people trying to take care of their health in Japan, in English and Japanese, sounds fun and useful. However my advice being what it is (err… let’s say ‘unconventional’) and me being who I am (mostly: an idiot who never amounted to anything), one wonders… nevertheless, there seems to be a deficiency in the marketplace, so to speak, and I will endeavor to fill it.

It should be noted that my work is in no way intended as a substitute for the great works of Robb Wolf (whose Book, Blog, and Podcast are the main inspiration for what I do), Lierre Keith, Chris Kresser, Matt Lelonde, Chris Masterjohn, Loren Cordain, John Welborn, Greg Everett or any of the other geniuses that make Paleo go. If you’re looking for the best stuff and you have the time, these are the guys to go to. For my English-reading-readers, many of the links to articles that I will be posting will be from these luminaries.

My language here (at least in English) will get… salty, I can almost guarantee it. I also might be kind of a dick (depends on who you ask). Forewarned is forearmed.

Lastly, while I will do my best to avoid politics, I also do not intend to be shy where food and politics mix. If some of my views differ from yours, I hope you can take them for what they are, opinions, and not feel slighted. None of my posts, whether you agree with me or not, are invitations to explore our pet theories in this area.

Yoroshu ni,


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4 responses to “WTF is ‘The Paleo Solution, Japan’?‏

  1. Thank you for starting this blog!!! I followed paleo whilst in the UK but I came to japan to study I thought meh f*ck it for the first three months and ate everything in sight. I’m now 4kg heavier for it and suffering with crazy tummy issues. Now that I know if I really try and start giving a crap about myself then I can once again go paleo and even survive without rice!

    • No problem at all. I don’t update as often as I once did, but if you have questions, leave them in comments and I’ll do my best to get to them. Thanks for reading!

      • Thanks so much. I do have one question. What sort of food do/did you cook on a daily basis. I only have one hob in my room and a kettle so I’m pretty much limited to stir fry all the things.

      • Sorry it took me so long to reply! My notifications were turned off, which I didn’t know.

        Yeah I stir-fried just about everything, which obviously isn’t as fun as having the oven option, but still afforded me a lot of options flavor-wise. I did a lot of coconut curries – I found a supermarket selling coconut milk cans cheap, and we’d have one of those a week. You can also grill stuff in your fish-drawer, though I didn’t experiment with that too much. It actually wasn’t until I moved back to the States that I began cooking roasts, crock-pot stews, soups, and pulled pork, etc. I suppose one could buy an electric crock-pot to use, but I would hesitate because the quantities that Japanese supermarkets sell meat in would probably not be worth crock-pot-ing.

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