The Disclaimer

A couple of things:

1) Lemme’ say this again: I’m not a pre-agriculture reenactor. We’re not trying to make this ‘more realistic’, so don’t even bother.

2) I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist, an acupuncturist or anything the like. People in real danger, health-wise, should see a physician. Not that this stuff can’t help you, because it probably can, but I’d be remiss if I did not tell you to see a doc before taking matters into your hands.

 3) This shit should be obvious, but just in case it isn’t: you don’t have to read this. Contrary to what we all know you’re going to say when you read something you don’t like, I’m not forcing you to read this, nor even saying that you cannot be healthy without my advice. In fact, I’m here to help the curious, those who are unsatisfied with their health outcomes, or those who are already on my side and wanna’ read about how to do it in Japan.   If that’s not you, don’t spill your face-noise here. We’re fine with you reading, thinking and even commenting, constructively. Take the whining elsewhere.

That is all.

Yoroshu ni



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